35 – Faction Focus Part 1 – Neoterran Capitaline Army


The last blog post was by far the most popular I’ve ever written, with around 500 views and counting. It was also an interview of other people, proving that you don’t really give a fuck about my opinions on Infinity. Well, Goonies never say die, so I’m going to completely ignore the numbers and bludgeon you with my unwanted views about the faction that, out of the four I play, is probably closest to my fat-clogged and over-worked heart – the pinnacle of human evolution that is the Neoterran Capitaline Army. In this first faction focus I’ll be ‘Doing a Britney’ by interviewing myself, but the self-same questions have been posed to my gaming chums in the hopes this will become a regular series with insight from Infinity players who actually win more games than they lose. But first, a disclaimer; I may talk a good game, but if Infinity was football I wouldn’t even make the Socatots team. Follow my advice at your own peril


Why NCA?

The models, mostly. There’s always one miniature I fall in love with and have to buy an army just so that I can use it, and in the case of Neoterra it was the Aquila Guard with HMG. Buff-ting. The only markedly derpy sculpts in NCA are the hunchback Engineer and over-dramatic Trauma-Doc, and these are easily proxied. Furthermore the fluff of the Jewel of the Hyperpower fits in with my view of what makes PanOceania such an iconic faction; they’re rocking the best tech in the Human Sphere and just love to force their superiority down everyone’s throats.

Gaming-wise this sectorial always surprises me with just how many orders I can squeeze out of a Neoterran list, even one that includes the Swiss Guard or a Squalo; lots of cheap orders in the form of Remotes and CSUs. Botz fo’ dayz.

Finally, I’ve tried to stick to sectorials for financial reasons; I started off buying a vanilla Pan O army but with my purchases getting out of control consolidation became necessary to save myself from self-inflicted bankruptcy and possible divorce.


What annoys you about your own army?

WIP12 on Fusiliers. Not being able to take a Jotum. Those fiddly little antennas that have to be glued onto the side of the head but instead stick themselves to your fingers, before inevitably falling off the model once it’s in the figure case. Bolts not being very good in ITS.



The lowly Fugazi; three of these humble Remotes are at the top of each and every list I make. 8 points for a perfect little parcel of Mimetism, Repeaters and Sniffers. Don’t underestimate the Flashpulse either – a lucky Crit and that expensive TAG is crying oily tears for a turn.

I never leave home without a Pathfinder Dronbot, who, with Sensor, can use all of the Sniffers on the table to switch off Camo, and forms a great bromance with the aforementioned Fugazis. A Swiss army knife of a specialist and much, much cheaper than the other Sensor option, the Deva.

Third on every list is the mighty Swiss Guard, usually toting a Missile Launcher; an iconic mini-TAG with TO Camo who can go toe-to-toe with pretty much anything in your opponent’s army and come away laughing maniacally. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Fourth is the Spitfire Deva with MSV2, a poor man’s Aquila Guard who provides much needed insurance against a Smoke or Camo-heavy list. NWI makes him a durable little bugger of a cyborg too.

Double CSUs make an appearance in 99% of my lists; great, cheap defensive pieces to protect your LT and good for late-game zone snatching. A lucky roll on the Metachemistry table can also buff the corporate killers with NWI or 8-4 MOV, turning them into either a tank or a motorcycle.

Finally a tooled up 5-person Fusilier Link to take advantage of those sweet sweet Link-Team bonuses and, of course, fail every WIP 12 objective roll at the most critical times.



Neoterra Bolts. I love the models, I love the fluff, I love how they play, in particular the cute little Drop Bears; I love that CB made a Bolt modelled on a cosplayer. I hate the points cost for often redundant skills. Bioimmunity did win me the game once during a Paradiso mission where they all got electrified by the Objective Room’s Shock defences, however this skill is far too situational for the pride of Australia to see much table-time. Like Amanda Knox they’re pretty to look at but you won’t want to get too involved with them.

Garuda Tacbots. Cool models, look a bit like the old flying Transformer models in robot mode I played with as a nipper, and our only access to drop troops. Reasonably well costed and a good way to surprise your opponent, I’m just never able to squeeze them into a list, although, going through their entry now, I might give them a run out one game soon. Mostly because they look like Transformers.

The Uhlaaaaaaaaaaaan. CH: Camo on a TAG is fantastic, but if I want a giant murder robot I always end up taking the Squalo instead, which has higher armour and, more importantly, a Heavy Grenade Launcher for Speculative Firing goodness. Who needs to be invisible when you can hide your armoured behemoth safely behind a building and indiscriminately launch explosives with your eyes closed?


When you absolutely, positively have to kill every muthafucker on the table?

Swiss Guard with Missile Launcher. BS15 so you’re always likely to hit, even if you don’t win the F2F [remember that blast marker from the missile still gets placed even if you’re outrolled, leaving the enemy to Dodge on a -3 to avoid being barbecued], and with ARM5 you’re likely to survive the majority of exchanges in the unlikely event that your opponent does manage to successfully see through his chameleonic bodysuit. There’s also the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re doing the sacred work of Space Jesus by murdering everything in sight.

Squalo with Heavy Grenade Launcher. Spec firing all over the board on a 9 can be a game winner, especially if your opponent isn’t expecting it and bunches up during deployment. Good way to snipe out Lieutenants too, as well as piss off your opponent by being gamey; always a bonus. When you’re bored of that he’s got a big fuck-off machine gun you can play with.


Signature tactics?

Advance my Fugazis up with a Coordinated Order, pooping out Sniffers along the way. Use the Pathfinder’s Sensor skill to unveil any sneaky sneaky Camo Markers. Kill things with the Swiss Guard and hope for the best. Fail to read the mission properly and do the wrong objectives.


Which army do you hate to see on the other side of the table?

Ariadna, of all flavours. I find Order-spam and Camo-spam very difficult to deal with, and each of my big-hitters has to get a lot of work done in order to make back its points. Haqqislam with Fidays, as these can lock down my most expensive units like the Swiss Guard, nullifying his high-tech firepower. Ghazis. Fucking Ghazis. Having said that, allied with the AI and Hexaedron Neoterra has the right tools for every job, so I always feel like I’m in with a shout at getting the ‘W’ when I field the elite of the Human Sphere; it’s only my ineptitude that invariably snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.


Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

2 thoughts on “35 – Faction Focus Part 1 – Neoterran Capitaline Army”

  1. Nice to know avout Fugazi and Sniffer combo with Pathfinder. I gonna try it. Never do it because every time I play with NCA I think I’m abussive with my opponent.

    Just need to buy a TAG but Uhlan or Squalo?


    1. That’s a hotly contested debate, although I always side with the Squalo; it’s cheaper, has 2 better ARM, and, most importantly, has the HGL, which can Spec Fire on a 9 pretty much everywhere on the board. Despite not having Camo it seems like you get more bang for your buck. In terms of looks the Squalo is pretty derpy, however I proxy mine with the Jotum, which is a thing of beauty, and the same silhouette. The Uhlan is a lovely model though and definitely on my to-buy list, even if it doesn’t get much table time.


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