27 – Rescue!


With Total War: Warhammer taking up all of my hobby time [and sleep time, and speaking to my wife time] Infinity had taken a bit of a back seat of late. However, with the exam season now in full swing, my weekend was freed up to indulge in some usually unheard of Sunday gaming. Facing off against my Neoterrans would be Matt, with his Corregidor, with the gaming garage providing the venue. ‘Rescue’ from HSN3 was the scenario, which involved rescuing hostages a la Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin in ‘The Delta Force’. The real mission the movie was based on, Operation Eagleclaw, was a massive cock-up, with the hostages remaining in captivity and bits of special forces scattered all over the desert, so I was hoping for a Hollywood ending.

There were a few interesting rules to watch out for, with the centre of the table both a Saturation Zone and Difficult Terrain Zone, so I wisely made a list without any multi-terrain units. Engaging in the WIP-off I promptly got outrolled, with Matt boldly opting to go first. I choose the side with more scatter terrain to cover my advance on the civilians and made the Nomads deploy before me, employing my tactical genius to strip his order pool with a Command Token.


Uhlaaaaaaaan! [proxied by a S6 silhouette marker while I wait for Corvus Belli to stop trolling Pan O and release the actual model]


My deployment, from right to left: CSU with boarding shotgun [+1 armour], FO Auxilia and friendly Auxbot, Aquila Guard with HMG, Auxilia/Auxbot, Fusilier in a 5-person link with missile launcher and Palbot behind ready to patch him up, Fusilier paramedic, Warcor…


…A S6 silhouette marker, the rest of the link, and cowering under the titty bar a Trauma Doc and CSU with breaker rifle [No Wound Incap].


Nomad deployment. Highlights include the Wildcat link and lots of camo markers and Krazy Koalas. I sold my small Nomad army to Matt and he had been busy basing and sticking on arms. I’ve seen the couple of models he has painted up and they look amazing. so I can’t wait to see this force all finished.

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Corregidor Turn 1

“That missile launcher needs to die,” was Matt’s opening statement, revealing his multi-sniper Intruder. Forgetting that my Sixth Sense Level 2 from the link team negated his Surprise Shot, and also that the Saturation Zone reduced his Burst to 1, Matt was a lot less confident by the time it came to roll off. His fears would prove to be misplaced however as the Fusilier’s missile was high, wide and handsome, with the Double Action rounds from the return fire hitting home. Annoyingly for Matt, the Fusilier passed both of his armour saves and his Guts check to emerge unscathed and ready to hand out missiles.


Intruder sights on the distant Fusilier…


Fearful of losing his expensive sniper Matt opted to use his heavy rocket launcher toting Wildcat to napalm the missile launcher Fusilier. Again winning the F2F, the Nomads were disappointed to see the Fusilier pass his armour save, although the cute  little Palbot was roasted. Launching yet another rocket the Wildcat was pleased to see the Fusilier finally drop, although the line trooper passed his armour save to avoid the Palbot’s fate.

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats!


With Lucky McJammy the Fusilier having soaked up the majority of the Nomad orders, Matt attempted to gain his Classified by hacking the Trauma Doc, who managed to outroll the now-revealed Bandit hacker [and would hilariously continue to do so all game].

Bandit uses his camo to sneak past Captain America…


Neoterra Turn 1

“It’s a go. TAKE THEM DOWN!”

If I was ever going to pass a Medikit roll, it would be on this Fusilier. Launching his tazer/defibrillator at the prone figure the paramedic was satisfied to see the missile launcher Fusilier’s eyes open as he was brought back out of unconsciousness.

The Fusilier makes a mental note to buy a ticket for the Inter-Galactic lottery that weekend.


In a shocking display of callousness the Neoterran Lieutenant ordered the Warcor to get an extreme close-up of a Krazy Koala. Hoping to blind the rocket launcher Wildcat with his flash pulse the Warcor failed his roll then was ripped apart in a show of gratuitous overkill, flamed, combi-rifled and Koala’d into little pieces. He would however gain a posthumous journalism award for the incredible pictures later discovered on his camera.

“Don’t shoot, Press! Pre…”


Seeking to use the window of opportunity given to him by the Bandit hacker revealing, the CSU opened up with his pistol. Passing his first save the Bandit put the unfortunate CSU unconscious before we remembered that he had No Wound Incap. Great success!

CSU is saved by his MetaChemistry roll.


Over to Mr Aquila Guard.

“I’m going to Discover:Shoot that Intruder”. I announced.

“MSV Level 3 automatically Discovers camo markers”.


I really should read the rules for my units. Easily seeing through the deceit of the Intruder’s dissimulation with his advanced visor, the Aquila forced the Intruder to drop Prone.

“I see you”.


What time is it? Tag time! The Uhlan stomped up the board, rounding the corner to take sight on the Wildcat link and Moran. When the smoke cleared the Wildcat link was down by three members, although the Masai Warrior had somehow managed to emerge unscathed.

Uhlaan hands out bullet confetti to the Nomad backline.


Corregidor Turn 2

“You’re pretty good at setting up a defensive backline”, came the reluctant compliment from Matt as he tried in vain to find somewhere to drop his Hellcat unseen. That level of paranoia can only come from playing multiple games against Roger Van Zant [thanks for the Van Zant PTSD Tom!]. Instead the drop troop was forced to rope in next to the titty bar, the CSU having been dispatched by the Bandit’s Double Action blade.

Hellcat, Ho!


Realising that he would have to deal with his TAG problem pretty sharpish Matt reluctantly stood his Intruder up. All that was left was a red stain [literally – I love Blood for the Blood God!] as the sniper was minced by multiple AROs.

“Sleep tight, sucker”.


Again failing his WIP roll to hack my Trauma Doc, the Bandit took out his frustration by shooting the medic in the face.


Neoterra Turn 2

With the main Nomad threats blunted it was time to start rescuing hostages. Like a robot Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch the Uhlan began saving the beleaguered hostages, dragging them back to the safety of the Pan Oceanian Deployment Zone and Dead Zone, using his armoured frame to block fire from the Gecko’s  MK12s reaching the civilians, then running back up the board to carry out a Coup de Grace on an unconscious Wildcat to secure ‘Extreme Prejudice’. My hero.

The first hostage reaches safety.


Corregidor Turn 3

With the writing now firmly on the wall, Matt spent his few remaining orders to put the Uhlan down with his Gecko for a Pyrrhic victory. With no way to secure any hostages or complete his Classified, and no way for me to reach any more of my hostages, we shook hands.

Neoterra 9 – 0 Corregidor!

For the Hyperpower!

The table at the end of the game, complete with the new Happy Panda run n’ tug, and Haqqislam crates, all from Antenocitis Workshop. Highly recommended, they went together like a dream.


If only the Americans had a TAG during Operation Eagleclaw! Chuck Norris was definitely looking over me in this game. Taking the Uhlan turned out to be [inadvertently] a bloody good idea, as this scenario definitely favours highly armoured units that can put out a lot of shots and take a lot of punishment while advancing up the board. The Saturation Zone really blunted the effectiveness of the Intruder, and, without a hacker [the Bandit had a killer hacking device] Matt didn’t have the tools to stop my marauding TAG.

Contender for Man of the Match was the Aquila Guard. Although I didn’t realise it when I selected him, his MSV LVL3 is pure gold against those tricksy camouflaged Nomads. However, there’s a clear and obvious winner this time around; rescuing two hostages, making mincemeat of the Wildcat link and holding off a Gecko for two turns while also completing my Classified for good measure … Uhlaaaaaaaan!




Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

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    1. Thanks! In terms of mistakes, I won 9-0 so not sure I could do too much better. Uhlan was a risk but I wanted to try it out in preparation for the new release this month, can’t wait!


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