20 – May Day, May Day…



Apparently, morris and/or maypole dancing is a popular May Day bank holiday activity. Despite plaiting a few poles in my time while at primary school in Somerset, I decided that, instead, I would use the opportunity of an extra day off work to play some Infinity at my local club, Warlord Wargames in St. Albans. My two opponents for the day would be Laina, who has her own fledgling blog charting her adventures with Haqqislam, and Matt, from Hemel Hempstead Games Club, who was running vanilla Nomads.

First up was Laina and some 20×20 action. We rolled ‘Triangulation’ for the primary and ‘Zombiefication’ for the secondary. ‘Triangulation’ is essentially planting the flag, with VPs awarded for deploying beacons within 6 inches of the edge of the enemy deployment areas and 6 inches from the centre. Zombiefication involves using a medikit to infect an unconscious enemy with zombie juice, who then comes under your control, turning against their former master a la Ko Dali.

We both rock the Haqq, with mine of the Qapu Khalqi variety and Laina preferring the taste of vanilla. No matter what, Allah would be the victor.

QK Tom
My list.




My deployment, right to left – Alguacile FO, Alguacile Paramedic, Djanbazan Sniper, Alguacile Hacker, Shiahb Remote with Palbot behind, linked to the Kaplan Engineer…
…prone Ghulam Lieutenant in the shadow of the O:I building, and 5 man Ghulam link in the white building including a missile launcher, an HMG, a Doctor Plus and an FO…
…Scarface, Cordelia, and a Kaplan Engineer with adhesive launcher.


Laina’s deployment. Haqqislam and ‘ting.

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Qapu Khalqi Turn 1

Laina won the WIP roll, choosing deployment, while I took first turn. Nursing a hangover [I think Laina was a little put off by my shocking case of delerium tremens while using the laser pen] my first turn was uninspiring to say the least. The two kamikaze Yuan Yuans parachuted in, with the first failing to speculative throw smoke on top of the Djanbazan, before unsuccessfully attempting to cautious move, ending up crawling short of cover and embarrassingly exposed. Melted by a Lasiq viral sniper round, it was over to the other Yuan, who threw a couple of smoke grenades to little effect before running out of orders.


Yuan Yuan throws smoke around… and that’s about it.


Activating the Ghulam link, my heart sank as I realised I had deployed both the HMG and missile launcher Ghulams standing up, which meant that activating one would give uncontested AROs to the other. Cursing under my breath and vowing never to drink again, I made the missile launcher the link team leader, splitting fire into the Lasiq in the sniper tower and the Djanbazan. I was fortunate to put the Lasiq unconscious before both Ghulams were killed outright.

How not to use a link team. You’re welcome.


If in doubt, use your TAG! Scarface skipped gleefully up the board, pumping Mk12 rounds to send the enemy Shihab Remote unconscious before turning his cracked helmet towards a prone Ghulam Hacker. Swearwords flew on both sides as the hacker made three armour saves against damage 15, Laina berating herself by shouting “What a bellend!” as she forgot that her hacker could, well, hack. Confidently, Scarface moved into close combat range, expecting to make mincemeat of the hacker with his massive knife. He did put it unconscious, eventually, but it took a couple of orders, depleting my order pool and forcing me to hand over to Laina.

Scarface finally puts the Ghulam Hacker down.

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Vanilla Haqqislam Turn 1

Gunning her engine, the impetuous Kum Biker roared towards Scarface, pulling a sick wheelie before getting shot in the face by my total reaction Shihab Remote. A fanatical Daylami then revealed from camo before sending a panzerfaust missile at my Djanbazan. Failing the dodge roll, the sniper was blown into little pieces. Confident that Allah was protecting him, the Daylami then took on the Shihab Remote, his last missile spiralling wide as the HMG bullets sent him into the arms of 72 virgins.

Djanbazan is painted all across the building by a panzerfaust round…
…before the Shihab Remote puts the Daylami down with an impulse from its robot brain.


Getting that Fiday feeling, Laina moved her sneaky impersonating friend loser towards my two Alguaciles. Laina opted to take on the Shihab Remote again, the deadly robot chalking up another kill as it put the Fiday down.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Fiday – I love her when she’s on my side, and absolutely hate her when she’s on my opponent’s side.


Qapu Khalqi Turn 2

Turn two went oh so quickly for me as Scarface wasted all of the orders from the main pool, failing miserably to pass a WIP-3 roll to plant the beacon; the air turning blue from foul curses with each failed roll.

Scarface – great at killing stuff, absolutely terrible at sticking a beacon in the ground.


Vanilla Haqqislam turn 2

Laina began by hilariously [for me] killing her own hacker with the Ghulam Doctor, who must have confused metric with imperial when measuring out the morphine. A Ghulam came out of hiding to take on the Yuan Yuan, the kamikaze mercenary chain rifling his opponent into unconsciousness before being riddled with bullets. The final orders were spent on revealing an infiltrating Taureg who successfully planted a beacon in the centre. Overexcited, I didn’t get any pictures of this.


Qapu Khalqi turn 3

Turn 3 for me was all about the TAG. Joe rampaged through Laina’s backline, putting the doctor unconscious before launching a panzerfaust blast onto the head of a Ghulam, catching the Djanbazan in the explosion. The mercenary TAG then casually shot an Azra’il in the back before strolling up to plant another beacon in the right-hand corner.

Scarface lines up a long haired gamer as his next victim.


Vanilla Haqqislam Turn 3

Despite starting her turn in retreat, a nailbiting finish saw Laina’s second Ghulam Doctor attempting to zombify the unconscious Yuan Yuan, which would earn her a 4-4 draw. With two orders remaining [one of the irregular orders converted by a command token] Laina failed her BS roll with the first medikit attempt. The second hit home, leaving my heart in my mouth as the medikit roll was made…. and failed.

Yuan Yuan narrowly avoids costing me the win by being turned into a walker.


Qapu Khalqi 4 – 2 Vanilla Haqqislam – victory to the Defenders of the Gate!

Whew, a narrow victory that all came down to the last dice-roll! After a strong start, making saving throw after saving throw, Laina’s metal dice really let her down as face to face rolls went high and armour saves went low. At the same time my dice were on fire, although I clearly used up all of my luck in this game as my second didn’t go quite so well. Laina was a great opponent, and could teach a fishwife new swearwords.

MVP goes to Joe ‘Scarface’ Taylor, the angry pilot rampaging through the Vanilla Haqq backfield before [eventually] planted a flag in each corner to win the game. Take a bow, Joe!


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I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

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