25 – Mission 103 – Central Seizure


Feeling  very pleased with myself after finally getting some terrain painted, albeit liberally smeared with fake blood and sponged-on battle damage to cover up my artistic deficiencies, it was time to finish up chapter one of Campaign Paradiso with my Neoterran Capitaline Army. Seeking to prevent me from scoring precious XP were the artichoke-headed stench-sniffers, the Tohaa.

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24 – Shall we play a game?


Tic-Tac-Toe would be the mission for Saturday’s installment of Infinity, chosen from the back of the new HSN3 book. With a couple of tournaments coming up, one a mini 4 person affair against local gamers in nearby Berko and another, much more daunting prospect in Leeds against tournie regulars, it was important to get games under my belt. In the words of David to Joshua in the film ‘WarGames’, “Come on. Learn, Goddammit.”

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23 – Campaign Paradiso 102 – Activation & Triangulation [or ‘I’ve run out of Paradise references’]

Campaign Paradiso at Enfield Gamers was now in full swing, with a Spec-Ops naming competition and painted model bonus providing extra XP to add to the spoils from mission 101, soon spent on tooling up Spec-Ops or buying Military Specialties. I had stashed my first haul of XP tighter than a miser’s purse, content to wait until I had built up enough loot to buy some choice goodies.

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22 – Brokeback Mountain



Scorchio! With the weather report predicting blue skies and soaring temperatures, Tom and I decided to risk our delicate, paper-thin redhead skin by throwing down some Infinity alfresco style, followed by a belly busting barbecue. With dead animals of every variety [and some token lettuce] stuffed in the fridge, plus an icebucket full of IPA from Beer Shop St. Albans, we set up outside. Not all ideas are as good in reality as they are on paper, but once we had bluetacked down the cardboard crates to stop them being pushed across the board by the wind and taken down the washing lines that were garroting us each time we went inside, we were good to go.

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21 – Dream of Para, Para, Paradiso


Returning from holiday in Canada after nearly ruining the wedding due to my drunken antics involving rutgot ‘Screech’ rum, bologna [Canadian for spam, essentially what’s left on a pig or chicken once they’ve taken off all the prime bits for dogfood] and an attempt to recreate the scene at the end of ‘Dirty Dancing’ with my buddy Joey [which, rather than being a touching scene and fitting finale to a perfect day, led to us falling into the DJ’s speakers], it was time to finish up mission 102 from Campaign Paradiso. First up was Tom, with his USAriadna, while I was experimenting with my new[ish] toys, Pan Oceania of the Neoterran persuasion.

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20 – May Day, May Day…



Apparently, morris and/or maypole dancing is a popular May Day bank holiday activity. Despite plaiting a few poles in my time while at primary school in Somerset, I decided that, instead, I would use the opportunity of an extra day off work to play some Infinity at my local club, Warlord Wargames in St. Albans. My two opponents for the day would be Laina, who has her own fledgling blog charting her adventures with Haqqislam, and Matt, from Hemel Hempstead Games Club, who was running vanilla Nomads.

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19 – We got a dropship down, we got a dropship down



This scenario came to me as I was lying in bed this morning idly musing on what an awesome game Infinity is and how much I liked the movie Black Hawk Down, so I decided to combine the two! It’s based upon the ‘Black Hawk Down’ movie, with the Black Hawk helicopters being replaced by dropships! This scenario is played on ‘Paradishu’, an island on the planet Paradiso. The objective of the mission is for the defender to successfully heal and evacuate the pilots, and secure the crash sites to prevent the technology falling into enemy hands. The attacking player is aiming to capture the pilots and interrogate them for information, as well as securing the crash sites so that enemy weapons and technology can be stolen.

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