18 – Saturday School with Mr. Merkage


August last year, with the halcyon holidays coming to an end and the prospect of returning to school looming, just beginning to take my first tentative baby steps into the Human Sphere and desperate to get in some more games, I sent a plea on the UK Infinity Facebook page for players in the St. Albans area. From the ether came a response from James ‘Gribbley Gaming’ Newman, AKA ‘Merkage’, a St. Albans native, offering to play me the next time he was down from the grim landscape of Leeds. Fast forward 8 months and the opportunity for the the long awaited match-up was presented by Hemel Hempstead Games Club, who were holding an all day event on my favourite day to play Infinity, Saturday.

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17 – Hobbydaying with Infinity


Two glorious weeks off work. Two wonderful weeks of waking up when I want, binge-watching Netflix, binge-eating, binge-drinking, and not having to worry about the subsequent hangovers. 16 days  to dedicate to hobby time and finally tackle that painting backlog of shame. Except, this Easter break, I’m on holiday in Canada, or, more specifically, Newfoundland; home of fries, dressing and gravy, Blue Star beer, and moose sausages. Faced with the possibility of a hobbyless holiday, I decide that if the hobby won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed will take the hobby on holiday with him. Or something like that. The chances of actually getting any games in were slim, but I was hopeful of squeezing a few painting sessions in between wedding madness.

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