16 – Another day in Paradiso


To even up the numbers in our Campaign Paradiso campaign, I get to play two armies. This time it’s my Pan O, and, more specifically, my Neoterran Capitaline Army. My opponent was the face of Enfield Gamers, Steve, who, as well as being a top tea-making bloke, has a fully painted Nomads army. At least I managed to basecoat my Pan O; go whites! Steve has a lot of options with his large range of beautifully painted models, but chose to go with Corregidor for extra link-team goodness.


Ignore the X, engineers are +1 AVA.


Steve won the WIP roll, rolling higher than me, choosing to go first. I chose the side with slightly better firing lanes, making Steve deploy first.

I’m always surprised at just how many orders I can squeeze into my NCA lists, and managed to get good coverage of the Techno-Devices. Kamau/Machinist [Kachinist? Mamau?] was poised to advance towards either the far-right or central Techno-Device, with the prone Machinist behind the REM serving as Plan B. Plan C was the Swiss Guard with missile launcher…

My deployment, from right to left: Auxbot, Auxilia, Fusilier with Deployable Repeater, Sierra Dronbot, Machinist, Kamau Hacker proxying as my second Machinist just to the right of the red car, two CSUs on blue bases, being proxied by ABHs, Fusilier Hacker, Sierra Dronbot, Palbot, Trauma-Doc…
…5-man Fusilier link, including Sniper on top of the grey building and my Lieutenant, Swiss Guard camo marker, Palbot, Auxilia, Auxbot, and behind the bottom left building my Fusilier Spec Ops.



Steve’s deployment, from left to right: Zondbot, Reaktion Zond, Alguaciles Hacker cowering in the shadows beneath them, 5-man Alguaciles link including Lupe Balboa and a missile launcher…
Clockmaker behind the titty bar, Moran and Lunokhod in front of the titty bar, Koalas all over the shop, Gecko by the dumpster truck, Jaguar, Spec Ops being proxied by a Bandit, and another Engineer [maybe a Wildcat?] next to him. Tomcat Engineers off the table.

Corregidor Turn One

After I sneakily spent a command token to reduce the Nomad orders in the small pool by two, Steve kicked off the festivities by activating the missile launcher in the Alguaciles link, going face to face against the Fusilier Sniper. Crit! The Sniper puts the missile launcher flat on his back, although Steve did pass the second armour roll for ‘Double Action’ to avoid him being killed outright. The Alguaciles Paramedic hurriedly crawled over, staying prone, then carried out a makeshift defibrilation to bring the missile launcher Alguaciles back up. Crit! The Sniper had obviously been putting in work at the practice range as she again put the missile launcher down. This time the Paramedic misjudged the voltage, frying the brain of the missile launcher after a failed PH -3 roll.

Fusilier Sniper brings the missile launcher into her sights…
…and takes it down.


Focusing on the mission as all good players do, Steve cleverly used the Jaguar to drop smoke onto the far-left Techno-Device, leaving the Engineer to jump up, analyse the Techno-Device, then jump back down, leaving me rueing not taking my Aquila Guard and his MSV 3.

Engineer analyses the Techno-Device [represented by an egg-car], discovering the Alien Info lay in the databanks of the central Techno-Device.

Nomads 1 – 0 Pan Oceania

With the Alien Info triangulated to the central Techno-Device, the Gecko, under cover of the Jaguar’s smoke, lumbered up to the corner of the building and went on ‘Suppressive Fire’.

The Gecko takes up a commanding position of the central Techno-Device


Neoterra Turn 1

The finest soldiers in the Human Sphere began fairly inauspiciously as the Fusilier Forward Observer dropped his Deployable Repeater under the far right HMG REM, expanding the range of the Fusilier Hacker, who proceeded to upload ‘Assisted Fire’ to both Dronbots [Edit – I realise now that this is an illegal move as only one Supportware can be sustained by a hacker – sorry Steve!].

Switching order pools, the REM on the right opened up on the Gecko and Krazy Koalas on top of the tower with its HMG, sharing the burst between the two targets. The Gecko chose to forgo its AROs to preserve ‘Suppressive Fire’. Six orders, twenty four dice and untold swear words later, the Koalas were all still happily gamboling around the rooftop after passing an ungodly amount of saves, with the Gecko losing only one structure point.

With the small order pool expended, the Fusilier Sniper cockily attempted to take on the TAG waiting in suppression, before losing the F2F and going unconscious to Mk12 rounds.

Gecko takes down the Sniper, before she is brought back to consciousness by the Paramedic.


The defender of the Holy See of San Pietro, the awesome Swiss Guard, sprinted into cover, his TO:Camo instantly adapting to his changing background, ready to ‘Surprise Shot’ the Gecko. A lucky ‘Discover’ by the TAG stripped the Swiss of his TO:Camo, although Steve forgot to ARO with his Reaktion Zond. With little else to do and the centre of the board locked down, the Fusilier Paramedic staunched the bleeding of the Sniper, before the remaining orders were burnt.

The Swiss Guard is revealed.


Corregidor Turn Two

Smoke if ya got ’em! The Jaguar sprayed out smoke to cover the advance of the Engineer, but due to a few unlucky high rolls the order pool was soon spent, with little progress towards the central Techno-Device being made.

Balboa then edged around the building to bring the far-right Sierra Dronbot into her sights, before winning the F2F with one of her panzerfaust shots. Passing one of its saves, the REM sunk into deep, second level unconsciousness. Spurred on by her success, Balboa tried to finish of the robot with her combi-rifle but was frustrated in her efforts, the smaller caliber bullets failing to penetrate armour and cover. Fearful of the Swiss Guard, Steve moved his Gecko back around the corner, but, significantly, forgot to put it into ‘Suppressive Fire’, leaving the way to the central Techno-Device open.


Neoterra Turn Two

Weilding his trust monkey-wrench, the Machinist bashed the unconscious REM until, with a “beep-boop”, the Dronbot was brought back to full working order. The Hacker then reapplied ‘Assisted Fire’ on both Remotes, with the far-left Sierra Dronbot going head to head with the Reaktion Zond, dropping it unconscious before the Swiss Guard dropped a missile launcher onto it, catching the little Zondbot in the blast.

The rampaging Remote then opened up on Balboa, sending her straight to dead with ‘Shock’ ammunition, before, satisfyingly, hosing down three of the Koalas, leaving one remaining.

Activating her Palbot, the Trauma-Doc cruelly used it to detonate the remaining Koala, leaving the way clear for the Mamau Engineer to move up to the console. After a failed roll to download the Alien Info,  the Engineer finally remembered the password, before moving into cover, and relative safety.

Pan O Engineer successfully downloads the Alien Info


Nomads 1 – 2 Pan Oceania


Corregidor Turn Three

With only one play left, Steve attempted to lay down a carpet of smoke to cover the advance of the Gecko, who was coming after the Engineer. However, realising he did not have enough orders this turn, Steve shuffled the rest of his models behind the large tenement building.


Neoterra Turn 3

The Engineer, lacking a baggage model to encrypt the Alien Info, attempted to transmit at WIP -6. Unsurprisingly, he was outrolled by Steve’s Hacker, netting Steve another VP and leveling the scores.

Nomads 2 – 2 Pan Oceania

With the realisation that standing at the back trying to transmit at -6 was not the smart play, it was time to get the proverbial balls out. The Swiss Guard went postal, taking out the TAG with an AP missile launcher round, while at the same time tanking a heavy flamer shot, before finally taking a wound. Ignoring the injury, he then dropped a blast on the Clockmaker, Lunokhod, and Lieutenant, sending them all unconscious. With everyone either dead or dying around him, the Swiss Guard then tried to gain LoS on the cowering Alguaciles Hacker, just failing to bring him in his sights.

With the main order pool expended, it was time for the CSUs to get involved. The shotgun-toting CSU moved around the corner of the large tenement building, before bringing  the remaining dregs of the once proud link team into range of his boarding shotgun. One blast later and all three Nomads were down, leaving Steve not just in ‘Loss of Lieutenant’ but also ‘Retreat!’ To rub salt into the wounds, the CSU survived a chainrifle blast. With that we called it, as I had an unlimited amount of turns to track down and corner the hacker.

Nomads – boarding shotgun. Boarding shotgun – Nomads.


Final Score

Nomads 2 – 4 Pan Oceania! For the hyperpower!


Great game, great opponent! We definitely messed up the rules a little for this scenario. The Campaign Paradiso missions are interesting and challenging, but bloody complicated! However, in this instance I don’t think it would have changed much, as the game really swung on the rampage of the Swiss Guard, who is undoubtedly the Most Valuable Model. Finishing off a Remote, a Zondbot, a Gecko, a Clockmaker, Lunokhod, and Steve’s Lieutenant, he was an absolute beast, despite being out of optimal range for his missile launcher the whole game. Actually, the 0 MOD to range never felt like much of a problem, due to his BS of 15. In addition the -6 from TO:Camo turns him into a tank, and gave me a psychological edge as Steve was wary of going toe-to-toe against him with his Gecko, giving me the opportunity to advance on the central Techno-Device.

Take a bow, you ugly, beautiful bastard.



If you feel like rating, or even giving me a commendation, link to Operation Flamestrike here



Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

5 thoughts on “16 – Another day in Paradiso”

  1. Great batrep! Really makes me want to field a Hac Tao Missile launcher but I’m hesitant to buy the old sculpt just incase CB surprise us with another Hac Tao sculpt! Oh the funsies that can be had with TO Camo and missile launchers…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah they should bring him up to Hac Tao sculpt standards, who knows maybe this year they will do it 🙂


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