16 – Another day in Paradiso


To even up the numbers in our Campaign Paradiso campaign, I get to play two armies. This time it’s my Pan O, and, more specifically, my Neoterran Capitaline Army. My opponent was the face of Enfield Gamers, Steve, who, as well as being a top tea-making bloke, has a fully painted Nomads army. At least I managed to basecoat my Pan O; go whites! Steve has a lot of options with his large range of beautifully painted models, but chose to go with Corregidor for extra link-team goodness.

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14 – Qapu Khalqi vs. USAriadna at the Narooma Advanced Hospital Complex [Operation Flamestrike]

After some coffee and scotch eggs helped bring us back to something approaching sobriety, Tom and I launched into our second game of the day, this time a game of ‘Coffin Raiders’. As the table was already set up with an objective room in the middle, all we really had to do was move the consoles around a little, and add some tech-coffins [represented by some Antenociti’s egg cars]. Shelving my Pan O, I switched to my Qapu Khalqi.


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13 – NCA vs. USAriadna at the Zhurong Power Plant [Operation Flamestrike]

Pizza and craft beer was used to bribe Tom to make the journey from North London to St. Albans in order to throw down his USAriadna against both my Neoterrans and Qapu Khalqi in what would be our first games against each other at 300 points. First priority was a quick pitstop at the excellent St. Alban’s Beer Shop to pick up 3 litres of Magic Rock Highwire IPA, before heading back to the gaming garage.

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12 – Campaign Paradiso 101 -Data Recovery

C-PTonight saw the first round of Campaign Paradiso, which I’m loosely responsible for organising at the excellent Enfield Gamers. To say I am excited about this campaign would be a huge understatement. The combination of the awesomeness of Infinity plus being able to develop a Spec Ops character [can’t wait to paint his name on his base – once he earns a name that is] has me salivating. In order to even up the number of teams I get to run both my QK/Haqqislam and also my new NCA/Pan O army. We’ll be playing one scenario a month, so I’m guaranteed at least two games each month for the next 14 months!

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11 -Taking the NCA out for a spin


To prevent financial bankruptcy and possible divorce, I have a self-imposed restriction to only two factions. Not that it really makes a difference to my Infinity habit, given all of the sectorals, but it makes me feel a little better about myself. Having gobbled up at least one of everything for my first love, Haqq, I settled on a Neoterra Capitaline Army for my side project. One reason really – Bolts. Their cute little horns and dynamic poses really appealed to me, and being able to throw mines at people is nothing to be sniffed at.

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