10 – The Silk must flow – my top five Qapu Khalqi units

Post number 10 [this is starting to feel like a real blog!] will be about my go to choices when fielding my beloved Qapu Khalqi. Originally setting out to review Haqqislam as a whole, I quickly came to the realisation that too many of my top choices were only unlocked when running ‘The Men of the Gate’. Therefore, this post will focus solely on the brave defenders of the Silk trade.

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9 – The Infinity Protocol grand final


For the culmination of the Infinity league at Enfield Gamers, ‘The Infinity Protocol’, Steve organised a giant, 6 man Battle Royale, played over a  monster 6 x 4 table. One team was made up of Haqqislam [3 players at Enfield rock the Haqq] and on the other side was the ‘Mercenaries’ [Mercs], made up of Tohaa, Caledonians and Corregidor, who presumably had been conned/bribed/threatened into doing the bidding of one of the hyper-powers. The Merc teams had seen off the worshippers of Allah in all 3 of the play-offs, including a particularly brutal turn 1 stomping at the hands of Corregidor on my part.

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8 – 20×20

DCIM100MEDIADue to re-scheduling the multi-player grand final of the ITS league I’ve been playing in, I suggested to Steve at Enfield Gamers that we try out the 20×20 Infinity system, available via DataSphere. Steve, being the lovely chap he is, agreed straight away, using the opportunity to try out a hacker-heavy 300 point Tunguska list. “I feel naked without a link team” Steve admitted just before the start of the game. In response I brought a Hassassin Bahram list, wanting to actually get some use for the worryingly large amount of beautiful but unfamiliar models from the ‘other’ Haqqislam sectoral. No state of undress for me as I included a 5-man Ghulam link with my new favourite weapon, the missile launcher [Edit – my list was unintentionally illegal, as the AVA of Ghulams in HB is 4 – sorry Steve!] After watching with bemusement as it almost single-handedly blew my army to kingdom come in the last game, I had to get me one of those. “When you absolutely, positively, got to kill every mutha…. in the room, accept no substitutes” . Link to my list is here.

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