7 – …and highs

happy-catGame 5 in the league, and the last game in the regular season. The top 4 players from a total of 6 would go through to the play-offs, and I was second from bottom with 1 win out of 4, outside of a play-off spot and 6 points off of 4th place. Only an overwhelming success in my favour would allow me to go through to the finals, and I wasn’t feeling confident after being comprehensively crushed during my last outing!

This time it was a game of ‘The Armoury’ against Caledonian Highlanders, which I was really excited about as I loved the look of this sectoral, particularly SAS. My opponent’s list was something like this, but obviously I must have missed some stuff out as this doesn’t add up to 300 points 😛

At least I got to practice as my mate Tom [you can see his cheeky little face below] made the trek from London to St. Albans on the Saturday before to give me a couple of games in the garage with his USAriadna. Once of the games we played was ‘The Armoury’, although it didn’t bode well for me as his Dog Soldier chewed its way through my Sekban link, swatting aside bullets like midges, and merrily chain rifling its way through half of my army. Win to Tom – go Tom.


As it happens things in the real game went much better. Inspired by its performance in head shotting my QK last time out, I decided to take my own Djanbazan, along with my trusty Sekban link and Remotes. List here. I didn’t get any pics of the game unfortunately.

I think I lost the WIP roll this time and my opponent chose deployment, taking the side of the board with the most height and making me set up first. I chose first turn [again, must be the ginger hair making me so aggressive], hoping to get into the objective room with my Sekban link and use the B2 AROs to deal with anything nasty coming through the door. Djanbazan deployed behind cover in a nice firing lane with the Doctor Plus prone next to him.

Things started poorly. I spent order after order trying to take out his Cateran Sniper and Highlander Grey with HMG with my Remote, before finally putting the sniper unconscious. This opened up a lane for my Sekban link to move up to the objective room with the few orders I had remaining. Fuck up #1 – I decided to open the doors with my last order without realising that this would open all of them! A couple of members of his link drew a bead on my Sekban Doctor and Hafza, and memories of last game came flooding back as he declared AROs with his pocket missile D.E.P.s. However although the Hafza got blown to smithereens, this time I made a couple of lucky armour saves on the Doctor, failed my guts roll, and moved away from the door and out of LoS. Crisis averted, link re-formed and still in the game!

His turn 1 he advanced towards the objective room. Dog super-jumped over a crate, loping ominously towards my Sekbans. Fortunately I was able to gain LoS with one of my Remotes, and doggy got dakka’d, failing 3 saves to go straight to dead. His link moved into the objective room, taking up a commanding position and scoring him a point.

Turn 2 is where things went completely my way. My Djanbazan was able to draw LoS on his link team through the door, and proceeded to open up. Crit after crit followed, and even when I was outrolled and went unconscious, my Doctor was there to revive him. I think the Djan went down and back up 4 or 5 times this game. Sekban with HRL was then free to open up on the Scots Guard link, and again I won every face to face roll with high numbers, making it impossible for him to dodge out of the way. His Lieutenant went down and I was free to take up residence in the objective room.

Being irregular there wasn’t much he could do during his second turn, and whenever he did try to take down some of my models I won every F2F roll. In celebration much looting of the panopoly was carried out, both classifieds were completed [Extreme Prejudice and the one where you have to hack one of your opponents models], and I won 9-1. Play-off spot secured, and I was feeling like an Infinity god!

Looking back I probably didn’t deserve to win this game. Managing to survive a D.E.P. blast with my Sekban Doctor was really lucky, and I have never rolled so well in F2F, so much so that I was feeling embarrassed by the end. I’ll take it though! Going forwards, the Djanbazan did a sterling job and secured his rather expensive spot on my list. Sekban link had done their job. I felt like I was starting to consolidate a list that I was really happy with and also suited my aggressive style of play.







Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

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  1. Nice man that was a good read! Got an armory game coming up tomorrow against PanO with my Yu Jing. I’ll to write down some key points about the turn and blog it!

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