5 – Lows…

cat-sadAfter getting 3 competitive league games under my belt I was feeling fairly confident going into game 4, this time a game of… Supplies!  [I can’t say that word without doing jazzhands, I think due to hearing this joke].

Knowing I was up against a pretty competitive player, I decided to tailor my list to give me the best possible chance of getting something out of the game, and promptly stuffed my QK list full of doctors, who got +3 on rolls for opening the Tech Coffins. My plan was to focus on the objectives, rather than allowing the red haze to descend. I had also realised by now that Hafzas could be included in any fireteam, so took a Hafza with spitfire rather than a Sekban, to save on some points and SWC.

List for game 4

My opponent was running vanilla Haqq, so this would be my second Haqq on Haqq game. He was using a few models I was really interested in, such as the Maghariba Guard, Djanzabans with sniper rifles, and Ghazi Muttawi’ah. Also on show was the Azra’il with feuerbach, so fair play to him for taking some of the, perhaps, lesser thought of Haqq units.

I again won my WIP roll [at least I was getting this right!] and so chose deployment and to deploy second, and in response was made to go first. [Table looks pretty shit as I forgot my mat and we had to use 4 paper ones – managed to undercoat some of my terrain though].game aginst Richard stomping


This was probably my least favourite game of Infinity so far. Now, don’t get me wrong, my opponent played a really strong game; he came with a game plan, set up really well with lots of overlapping AROs, and also used his experience to good effect. We also geeked out after the game about how much we liked Infinity etc. etc. However, he was really focussed on the win, and was quite canny in what information he gave up about who had LoS and when. I’m not saying this is wrong, it’s just a different approach to what I had faced before.

As a result, and also due to some admittedly sloppy play on my part, my Sekban link, who were advancing through the white ‘objective room’ [which was just a normal building for the purposes of this game], got tagged by a Remote on top of the white building on the far right of the table, who gained LoS when I moved past a tiny notch in the perspex sign in front of the door [it hadn’t had LoS when I originally asked if it could see over the sign, but once I moved, it could now see over the sign]. My request for a mulligan was denied, which meant that my link now had to take AROs from a Remote, an Azra’il, and a Ghulam with a rifle. Link unsurprisingly got minced, my Remote then got out-rolled by his ARO team on the roof, and the game as a contest was pretty much over at the end of my first turn. Brutal!

His turn 1 he used his Muttawi’ah to great effect, mopping up the remnants of my link team and advancing deep into my territory. My turn 2 I tried to advance up to the Tech Coffins, but the 2 snipers and Remote were picking off my models with impunity. I actually think I managed to take out the remote and one of the Djanbazans with some lucky rolls from my Hawwa, who sacrificed herself for the glory of Allah, but by this time I was left with rifles only. One important learning point was the realisation that dogged works in the reactive turn too, and the Muttawi’ah gave me no end of headaches and wasted orders.

His turn two came, and it was clobberin’ time with the Maghariba Guard, which gobbled up the lion’s share of the orders to scuttle up the table and introduce my models to an HMG with shock ammo. I believe he also managed to secure one of the supply boxes and complete a classified by stepping on the neck of one of my models.

My turn 3 started and ended with a last ditch attempt by one of my remaining Aguaciles to seize a supply box by running out into the open. One successful dodge, and then… game over. Maximum points to my opponent and an absolute spit-roasting.

Steep learning curve in this one, but at the moment every game is a learning experience, one of the things that makes Infinity so awesome. The biggest thing I took from it was that initial positioning of link teams is really important, along with the need for careful consideration of LoS to enemy troops for ALL members of the link when moving them. Links are really powerful, but also very brittle, and it’s hard to come back from them going down as they take up such a large amount of points. I also learnt not to rely on my opponent to give me all possible LoS scenarios in a competitive game. One minor positive I can take away is that I hardly had to stop the game to look up rules, and felt confident enough to argue my corner where necessary with rules interpretations.

Second from bottom in the league table, and feeling like a pretty shoddy Infinity player, things could only get better!

Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

2 thoughts on “5 – Lows…”

  1. If it’s any consolation you’re not alone! I have a regular vanilla PanO opponent and have had maybe only 1 win in the last 6 games, lost twice last night. I seem to take a regular stomping recently and it can be disheartening but I know it is usually because of my own tactical errors either in deployment or my active turn choices. Sometimes my opponent just does a good play like yours and sometimes it’s just dice. I have to say your opponent didn’t sound like he was very sportsmanlike about LoF and ARO’s. When we play we always give all open information about LoF and ARO’s and ask each other regularly. We even point out each others ARO’s that we might otherwise miss.

    We did two 300pts games last night of the Armory and transmission matrix. I was all geared up for taking the armory (templates, CC guys, shotguns etc) and he took a Jotum which I was totally unprepared for. His first turn the Jotum stomped down the side of the table and wiped out half my army in turn 1 but managed to blind it with flash pulse and knock a structure point off it, my turn 1 I got into the Armory and took some loot but didn’t manage to hold it. I then got flushed out during his turn 2 and took more Jotum stomping. My turn 2 I was in retreat, game over 6 – 2.

    In transmission matrix he chose the first turn and set up an Aquila Guard HMG on suppression in the centre of the board on a rooftop so I was pretty much stuck in my deployment (BS 15 Burst 3 HMG reaching into my deployment!) I responded by shutting down his Kamau hacker with basilisk for 2 turns through a repeater and took out his Nisse sniper with my Hac Tao HMG and avoided the Aquila. His turn 2 involved him moving up to the midfield and taking the central antenna and taking out my Guilang hacker with an Auxbot and forward observing the HVT, my turn 2 I knocked the Aquila into prone with a guts roll and took the central antenna with my Hac Tao who lost a wound. Landed a Tiger spitfire in his back lines and took an Auxilia and fusilier out but lost a face to face with a doctor on a crit. My Bao Troop moved up and took out his Kamau hacker and then came up behind his Aquila who failed to change facing, pumped to shotgun round into his back at point blank but he made both armour saves! His turn 3 he coup de grace my tiger for another classified and took out my Bao troop with a Father knight with a combi. He then revealed a croc man and took out my Hac Tao who had pushed for centre., Aquila stood back up and suppressed. My turn 3 I took out the croc man with a Zhanshi and then coup de grace him with my Shang Ji to get my classified.. I couldn’t take the centre because I had 2 Zhanshi left at this point. In the end he got both classifieds and dominated twice earning 8 points, i dominated once and got 1 classfied so only 4 points. Lost 8 – 4.

    It’s hard man! Keep playing, even though I’m stewing over the losses I’ve learnt a few things for next time. Next time I won’t take 2 Bao troops or monks as smoke wasn’t very useful against PanO’s visors.


    1. My approach to AROs sounds like yours; I often point out AROs my opponent might have overlooked and nearly always allow mulligans. I’m not into playing silly buggers if their question isn’t specific enough, and I don’t want to trick my opponent in any way. If it’s a hidden/camo’d model that’s AROing then that’s different.

      Thanks for posting the batreps, they sounded like great games! One of the things I haven’t really come across is hacking, I pretty much only do supportware hacks and that’s also pretty much all I’ve faced. I’ve also never played Yu Jing. If you’re ever in St. Albans give me a shout and we’ll get a game going in the gaming garage 🙂

      Jotums can be brutal [also one of my all time favourite models]. I took one against my mate’s USAriadna in a game of Quadrant Control and and stomped face with it turn 1, then moved up behind in the following turns and scored max points. If you’re not geared up for it it’s pretty hard to stop, although humble AP rifles/pistols come into their own. Halving the armour is a big deal.

      Definitely every game is a learning experience, although I get really frustrated at myself when I make silly mistakes – this game is quite punishing!


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