3 – First game without the training wheels

game 1

Needing to get some regular games, I decided to just jump in and joined a 300 points league at the very friendly Enfield Gamers, who meet every Tuesday at the  United Reform Church Hall in Ponders End. Steve, who does a lot of the organisation, is addicted to tea, and makes a cup for everyone every 20 minutes or so – quality!

First up was a game of Quadrant Control against a guy called Jonathan who was running Qapu Kalqi against my vanilla Haqq- Haqq on Haqq! Jonathan actually ended up being the perfect first opponent to play against as he was very knowledgeable with the rules, played the game with a great attitude, was patient enough to answer all of my questions and politely ignored my fumbling and fucking about. He also had some really nice terrain, a lot of it from Zen [who I ended up buying most of my stuff from for my home table], plus the same MAS mat as me [District 9].

I’ll admit to being a little nervous about having my first full game as, despite being a great starter set, there is a huge step up from Operation Icestorm. I decided to spend some time taking notes on the rules of just the models I would be using, and creating a crib sheet I could refer to. Despite taking absolutely bloody ages, it ended up being a really good idea and meant I avoided having to stop the game every 5 minutes to look something up in the main rulebook. I’ve carried on doing this for every game since, whenever I’ve tried out models with new rules.

Game 1 List – I can’t remember my opponent’s list very well as I as just concentrating on not messing my turn up! I remember it had a Kaplan link team and a couple of Yuan Yuans, along with an HMG remote and a Kameel. On the other hand I just took whatever I liked the look of, and you can see how much of a noob I was as my list only came in at 289 points.

Despite being my first full game, I somehow ended up with a win! Winning the WIP roll and going first, there were a couple of early setbacks, with Kasym Beg getting shot in the face during pretty much the first round of AROs [I really need to learn how to use smoke and avoid LoS during the impetuous phase].

However, it began to come good when my Fiday sacrificed herself by opening up with a boarding shotgun against his Kaplan link, crippling the link beyond repair, although she was in return taken out by AROs. The Azra’il proved to be a bit of a beast, gunning down everything that came into its path throughout the entire game. A real contender for my MVP, and secured me the win by taking control of a third quadrant in the last turn of the game and clearing the lanes to allow my Hacker to run up and complete the classified.

Another contender was my Ragik, who came down perfectly on target outside of the ZoC of the Remote at the top of my second turn [thanks to my Hacker doing the ‘Controlled Jump’ +3 to PH], and opened up with his boarding shotgun. A couple of impact templates later and dead Remote, dead Engineer, and dead Lieutenant, which really hampered my opponent’s ability to advance up the table with only irregular orders. It ended up 5-4, with me completing my classified objective (scan HVT).

I feel like I prepared well for this game, in particular watching the GMG batreps and reading up on tactics on forums [such as using Nasmats and deploying prone], as well as making the crib sheet. However, I learnt a lot from my opponent too; for example ‘Assisted Fire’ on Remotes, allowing them to ignore cover, and how impact templates actually work. I was also eyeing up the link team, thinking how useful those extra shots in ARO were, and also really liked the idea of the 8 point Yuan Yuan’s with their smoke [despite them doing nothing in this game!] Mmmmm, maybe I would check Qapu Kalqi out…





Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

2 thoughts on “3 – First game without the training wheels”

  1. This game has a hard and picky learning curve, more than winning try to to learn from the failures and enforce the right appliance of the rules, to learn well, to prevent mistakes a tournaments and else. This game its awsome, take you time to get into the learning curve and i recommend play a same style list several times to see pros/cons because changing list from games could get you confused.


    1. Thanks for the advice. I spent quite a lot of time reading through the special rules that applied to the models I was going to take, and was pleased with how it all went. I find it impossible not to change lists every game though! So many shinies!

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