1 – Taking the plunge into Infinity

2015-10-26 23.18.32

7th edition 40k killed my gaming group. After meeting fairly regularly on a monthly basis towards the end of 5th and through 6th, there were just so many things to argue about. Are superheavies allowed? [definite yes for me as I had a commission painted Warhound, hur hur hur] Should we use the random objectives or the standard missions? Is Forgeworld allowed? [To be honest I was a little surprised we were still arguing about this!] Should weom allow allies? Should we allow Unbound or stick to Battleforged? Cue Facebook arguments, hissy fits all round, and clandestine games between those who wanted to play 40k the ‘right’ way. And a growing realisation that I just wasn’t enjoying playing 40k anymore. Ebay beckoned for my beloved Sisters  [with Rogue Trader vehicle goodness], Warhound Titan [which felt like putting my own child up for adoption] and RT era Inquisitor allies. Had a great holiday to India with the proceeds though, despite getting a dodgy henna tattoo on my foot from a smiling local [this is supposed to be an ‘Om’ but instead looks like a glowing penis]…

In short, I was in danger of dropping out of the hobby after a 30 year love affair which first began when I made machine gun noises with my brother’s badly painted beaky armoured Rainbow Warriors. Was this the end?

239888_sm-Nomads Daktari

I had always been fascinated by the Infinity models. The sulpts blew me away; the anime aesthetic, and, more worringly, the Daktari syle animal crossed with human theme, were bang up my street. Along with making me worry whether I was a ‘furry’, Infinity seemed a very daunting game to get into. So many different unit choices, so many rules I knew nothing about, so much investment in terrain needed for a game that I didn’t even know whether I liked or not. Bewildered, I didn’t really know where to start, or how to persuade my friends to get involved, or who to ask to show me the rules, which I had downloaded, but didn’t really understand how they worked in practice. It was a perfect time to dive in too, as N3 was on the horizon. Itching to get involved, I was so far frustrated.

Then two things happened; Operation Icestorm dropped, which I was all over like a tramp on chips, and at the same time I stumbled across Guerilla Miniature Games. A Canadian guy, Ash, was making some excellent Infinity video batreps and posting them on Youtube. Being able to see to rules in action, along with having the choice of models made for me [and ‘free’ terrain!] made me feel like I could invite my friend Tom, who was also ‘Infinity curious’, to play through O:I.

Just before leaving for a holiday in Costa Rica [Pura Vida!] I managed to arrange a game at my local club in St. Albans. I think we played though 3 of the scenarios back to back, swapping sides at the end of each and re-playing as the other faction. Needless to say, by the end of this marathon session we were both hooked, and my love for the hobby was re-ignited, so much so that I immediately went home to start painting for the first time in months [see below], and even packed the N3 rulebook into my luggage as holiday reading. On my return from holiday Tom and I arranged our first non-Icestorm game at Darksphere, [a Mecca for all tabletop gamers and a cornucopia of all things gaming], and by the end of this encounter I felt like I had a decent grasp of the core mechanics. Now, to choose a faction…

Author: redheadhobbies

I've been a fan of the 40k universe since I was a 10 year old kid playing with my brother's RTB01 beaky marines painted as Rainbow Warriors. After ending my love affair with 40k due to shitness and dropping out of the hobby for a little while, I have now been reinvigorated by the awesomeness that is Infinity.

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