7 – …and highs

happy-catGame 5 in the league, and the last game in the regular season. The top 4 players from a total of 6 would go through to the play-offs, and I was second from bottom with 1 win out of 4, outside of a play-off spot and 6 points off of 4th place. Only an overwhelming success in my favour would allow me to go through to the finals, and I wasn’t feeling confident after being comprehensively crushed during my last outing!

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6 – The gaming garage


Something I’ve dreamed of having for years is a gaming room. First and foremost to increase the frequency of games I was playing, as finding a cat free space for my mate Tom [who has possibly every allergy up for grabs, including being allergic to wood – Edit, Tom has informed me he isn’t allergic to wood, just cats, and nuts] was becoming problematic, and we were only meeting about once a month, if we were lucky. Also though a social area, somewhere to have a few stupidly strong IPAs and unashamedly geek out to all things wargaming while gazing at posters of dwarves, space men and scantily clad pointy-eared women. Finally, a place for me to create the perfect gaming board, with well painted and interesting terrain that just begged to be played on, something that would bring the pretend games to life. I did manage to squeeze 3 other friends into my 1 bed basement flat a couple of times by moving all of the furniture to the corners of the room and setting up a trestle table slap-bang in the middle. However, it was clear this wasn’t a long term solution, as it really pissed off both the cats and the wife, and everything had to be packed away at the end.

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4 – Games 2 & 3 and throwing models off buildings


After getting the first proper game under my belt there was a bit of a gap until my next league outing due to work. My mate Tom had finally chosen a faction, USAriadna, and despite taking about 3 months to do it had actually glued together his models, so I was looking forward to getting in some games against him soon. In the meantime I had a couple of league games in Enfield. First up was Seize the Antennas against Robert and his Tohaa.

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3 – First game without the training wheels

game 1

Needing to get some regular games, I decided to just jump in and joined a 300 points league at the very friendly Enfield Gamers, who meet every Tuesday at the  United Reform Church Hall in Ponders End. Steve, who does a lot of the organisation, is addicted to tea, and makes a cup for everyone every 20 minutes or so – quality!

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2 – Allahu Akbar! Why I chose Haqqislam as my first faction


So, after realising that Infinity was the game for me, it was time to set about the incredibly important decision of choosing a faction [this was before I realised that sticking to one faction was like trying not to chew a Fruit Pastille] . I think my categories at the time were;

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1 – Taking the plunge into Infinity

2015-10-26 23.18.32

7th edition 40k killed my gaming group. After meeting fairly regularly on a monthly basis towards the end of 5th and through 6th, there were just so many things to argue about. Are superheavies allowed? [definite yes for me as I had a commission painted Warhound, hur hur hur] Should we use the random objectives or the standard missions? Is Forgeworld allowed? [To be honest I was a little surprised we were still arguing about this!] Should weom allow allies? Should we allow Unbound or stick to Battleforged? Cue Facebook arguments, hissy fits all round, and clandestine games between those who wanted to play 40k the ‘right’ way. And a growing realisation that I just wasn’t enjoying playing 40k anymore. Ebay beckoned for my beloved Sisters  [with Rogue Trader vehicle goodness], Warhound Titan [which felt like putting my own child up for adoption] and RT era Inquisitor allies. Had a great holiday to India with the proceeds though, despite getting a dodgy henna tattoo on my foot from a smiling local [this is supposed to be an ‘Om’ but instead looks like a glowing penis]…

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